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Grampa’s Honey has changed hands. We are now an educational resource for beekeepers and honey lovers all over the world. If you are looking for local Alamosa Colorado based honey, you should go HERE instead.

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How To Reuse Beehive Frames

How To Reuse Beehive Frames

If you are a beginner beekeeper or if you are aspiring to enter the world of beekeeping, you should know that it is important for you to learn how to…

8 Reasons Why Honey Bees Can Be Aggressive

8 Reasons Why Honey Bees Can Be Aggressive

Do you know that honey bees, calm as they appear, can be aggressive? Beekeepers know this too well. Honey bees are kept for honey, and other by-products such as wax….

A Guide to Cleaning Your Beekeeping Equipment

A Guide to Cleaning Your Beekeeping Equipment

Bee colonies are susceptible to infection and infestation through attacks by pests and diseases. These include mites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. A critical factor in preventing the spread and impact…

A Guide To Storing Beekeeping Equipment

A Guide To Storing Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping is a fulfilling job that requires a lot of patience and skill. Due to the natural behavior of the bees, it’s a lot different to do the job during…

Cats and Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Cats and Beeswax: What You Need To Know

If you have cats as pets in your home or apartment, there’s a good chance you have some unpleasant smells you want to mask. Beeswax products are some of the…

A Step By Step Guide To How Honey Is Made

A Step By Step Guide To How Honey Is Made

Honey is a sweet substance that starts as nectar in a flower. The process of how bees collect and produce honey in their beehives is extraordinary and vital for our…

Is Harvesting Honey Harmful To Bees?

Is Harvesting Honey Harmful To Bees

A lot of beekeepers enter the field of beekeeping primarily because they want to harvest honey, which can be sold at a good price or can be kept or stored…

Dogs And Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Dogs And Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Plenty of different pet owners are now also using products that are all-natural and organic for their dogs. One such substance that these products are made of is beeswax, which…

8 Reasons to Start Beekeeping

8 reasons to start beekeeping.

Beekeeping is a rising hobby among a lot of different regular households around the country as there are now more and more people who are becoming beekeepers even though they…

What Honey Bees Look Like (With Pictures)

What Honey Bees Look Like.

Honey bees are wonderful and useful creatures. They are the most common species of bees and pollinating insects. Honey bees are very important because most of the food we consume…

Honey Supers: All You Need To Know

Honey Supers: All You Need To Know

So, you want to be a beekeeper? Well, at one point or the other you’d come across the term honey super. Honey supers help hobbyists increase their honey yield, and…

A Guide To Keeping Bees In The Winter

A Guide To Keeping Bees In The Winter

There’s no season that’s tougher for beekeepers than winter. Beekeeping during the winter season is even more challenging if you’re just starting out. Nonetheless, you still have the power to…

How To Become A Beekeeper: A Guide

How To Become A Beekeeper: A Guide

You have probably heard about how fast beekeeping has been rising as a hobby or even as a side-job for a lot of different people all over the country. Of…

How Urban Beekeepers Help Keep Bees Thriving

How Urban Beekeepers Help Keep Bees Thriving

There is no doubt that beekeeping has become very popular and important in different rural communities where beekeepers tend to have a wider area and more resources to work with….

This Is What It Means When Honey Is Cloudy

This Is What It Means When Honey Is Cloudy

Honey generally comes in two different forms; one is clear liquid honey, and the second is a firm creamed honey which is cloudy. Both can be bought in-store or from…

Light vs Dark Honey: The Differences

Light vs dark honey. What's the difference?

Honey is an increasingly popular commodity nowadays because people are now becoming more health conscious. However, when you go to your local grocery store or farmer’s market, you may have…

How To Clean Beeswax Out Of A Strainer?

How to clean beeswax from a strainer.

Being a beekeeper isn’t just all about honey because there are plenty of other products that can help you make money. Beeswax is one of them as selling beeswax products…

What Is The Official Name For Honey Bee Farming?

This is what bee/ honey farming is called.

Beekeeping is an increasingly popular endeavor, hobby, or even profession today because of how fulfilling it is to take care of the world’s most amazing insects (in my opinion anyway!)….

What Time Do Bees Get Up For Work?

What time do bees get up for work?

What time do you get up for work? Most relatively active humans are up and about by 9am and raring to go! And, of course, most humans probably want to…

How Beeswax Is Made [Amazing Nature!]

How bees make beeswax?

Besides being well known as the busiest creatures that ever existed, bees are also famous for producing the sweetest thing in human history. Well, that’s not the only thing they…

Is Beekeeping A Lot Of Work [THE TRUTH]

How hard work is it being a beekeeper?

One of the fastest-growing hobbies or even actual jobs in the world is beekeeping, as more and more people are beginning to understand how important bees are to the world…

Can Honey Make You Fat? [WE FIND OUT]

Can honey make you fat?

Honey has been used as food, and even medicine, since ancient times. This food substance offers numerous health benefits and works best as a sugar substitute. However, some people are…

Honey Varietals: The Spice in Your Honey Life!!

Honey varietals.

As a sweetener and cooking ingredient, honey from various sources varies in taste. Its flavor profile is largely determined by the nectar collected by honeybees and can be influenced by…

This Is When Honey Bees Come Out

Honey bees are no doubt some of the most important insects in the entire ecosystem, and it’s not only because they produce honey. Nevertheless, we do love them for their…

Beeswax: Does It Clog Pores? We Find Out!

Does beeswax clog your skin?

Nowadays, people are more concerned about what they put on their bodies as they would rather go for natural and organic products instead of using chemical-based products. This is true…

This Is Why Bees Like Wax [+What They Do With It]

This is why bees like wax.

Bees are undoubtedly indispensable concerning the harmony and balance within nature. They’re infamous for producing honey, as well as pollinating flowers and plant life for continued growth. Still, a commonly…