7 Best Gifts for Beekeepers in 2024

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Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas or random gift giving (because you really are THAT kind!), if you are in need of inspiration for gift ideas for a beekeeper, we have you covered. In this article, we will give you a handful of gift ideas that any beekeeper would surely love (I should know as I am one of them!!). So sit back, grab your drink of choice and lets get on with this…

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Gift 1: The Bee Whisperer T-Shirt

It can be tough sometimes buying actual beekeeping tools, or accessories actually used in the act of beekeeping. This is simply because most beekeepers are pretty fussy when it comes to their tools of the trade and you may end up buying something that will never get used.

This is why my top gift ideas are more novelty items. These types of items will be appreciated by any beekeeper, no matter what their specific beekeeping interests or experience. A much safer bet!

This Bee Whisperer t-shirt has a really great looking design and has a humorous side without going over the top 🙂 Its a quality item too, being 100% cotton and made (and printed) in the US of A (otherwise known as America :)). This would be a great gift for even the hard to buy for beekeeper!

Gift 2: Bee & Honeycomb Design Ceramic Mug

Everyone drinks hot drinks (pretty much anyway), and drinking these hot drinks out of a bee related mug is a no brainer for any beekeeper. We like to be reminded of our precious bees as much as possible, and this is a great way to do it 🙂

This mug gift idea is for the more serious beekeeper that you think wouldn’t like novelty items. The design of this mug is more serious, having a honeycomb design with a bee flying over the top. This mug is a high-quality item, so would last any beekeeper many years. The ceramic is thick and sturdy, giving you something of weight to wrap your cold hands around on those winter days 🙂

When buying this type of glazed mug, it is important to pay slightly more and get a quality item. Nothing worse than getting an uneven glaze on a mug, especially when it’s a gift.

So if you are buying for a more serious beekeeper, this mug could be a good gift!

Gift 3: Studio Silversmith Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

It can be dangerous buying honey for a beekeeper, as they already have a lot of awesome honey on tap (literally), or you might not buy an interesting enough variety for someone surrounded by the stuff! So its often a safer bet to buy them something awesome to put their honey in instead. Most beekeepers love eating honey, and this crystal honey jar will make that honey serving experience even better.

Also, beekeepers often like to serve their speciality honey to guests that are gracious enough to visit their house. And when they bring out this crystal honey jar, they will have much more ‘wow’ factor with their friends and family 🙂

What I like about this particular honey jar is the unique beehive inspired design. Couple this will the excellent quality crystal finish and you have an ideal gift for any discerning beekeeper 🙂 This jar really has a heavy and high quality feel to it, so it is perfect as a gift. You don’t want people thinking you bought them ‘cheap and cheerful’ garbage 🙂


You may think that this gift idea is coming slightly out of left field, so to speak. But I think it more as a unique gift idea for beekeepers! They love anything to do with bees and honey, so why not buy them an innovative new product based on those things. Their interest will be piqued, and it is not exactly something they can knock up in their own apiary (unless it has a million dollar science lab next to it :))

The idea of this product is to be ‘brain fuel’ and help improve someone’s focus and memory. As a lot of beekeepers are on the older side, this could even be a novelty gift you can have a few laughs over. ‘Never forget that hive tool in the field again’ type of thing 🙂

A lot of people like to use this ‘brain fuel’ as an alternative to their morning coffee as a wake up call for their brain. Except this product doesn’t have any caffeine in it, so you are less likely to get that boost then crash effect that coffee might bring. It comes in vials too, so its easy to take on a daily basis.

In terms of interesting bee based products for a beekeeper, surely this has to be near the top of the list!

Gift 5: Little Giant Beehive Log Beekeepers Tracking Journal

Beekeepers are busy people and usually have a lot of hives to manage. This simple beehive log acts as a simple notebook any beekeeper could use to keep their beehives in order. And, best of all, it is small enough to fit into easily into a pocket when out in the field. The paper used is all weather so won’t be affected by a little rain either 🙂

Each page has a hive id category, so this makes it easy to use the tracking journal even if you are managing multiple beehives. If you use the right type of pen, you can even wipe pages clean, meaning the journal will last for even longer!

This really is a simple but effective idea as a gift to buy any beekeeper. I say that as it is a very usual item that many beekeepers won’t even thought of using yet. In a year or so, they will be thanking you for the gift and the time you have saved them!

Gift 6: KWO Beekeeper German Incense Smoker

Another unique gift for a beekeeper, an incense smoker. They are made in Germany and offer a unique and fun way to burn incense. The beekeeper theme makes it the perfect and highly original gift for any bee enthusiast. You can guarantee no-one has even bought them a German incense smoker before!

And the quality of these items is amazing. They are handmade and have a solid feel to them. A really authentically crafted piece that would look great sitting on any beekeepers shelf! Some of the details included in the beekeeper model are breathtaking! This piece will be a talking point in any beekeepers house!

Why not buy a variety pack of incense cones to go along with this gift, you can find a pack by Crottendorfer (who many people say has the best incense for these smokers) below alongside the actual incense smoker.

Gift 7: Haus and Hues Honey Bee Decor Cavallini Poster

This framed poster would be the perfect wall art for any discerning beekeeper! It has a real classic design feel to it and comes elegantly framed right from the seller. It shows the whole process bees go through when they help pollinate plants, something you will find a lot of beekeepers are interested in. And a lot of these framed posters that you buy online lack originality or quality, whereas this print has both of those things in abundance.

As with the incense smoker above, this framed poster will become a real talking point within any beekeeper’s household. Give a gift that becomes a real statement piece rather than something that gets tucked away in a cupboard and eventually gifted to Goodwill 🙂

Get Gifting!

There you have it, my guide to buying gifts for a beekeeper. I have looked at many other lists in my time (as I have beekeeping friends too, believe it or not!), and the mistake they make is telling you to buy hive tools and smokers. These items are only good for brand new beekeepers (as established ones already have a favorite smoker or hive tool that will be hard to shift!). And once you’ve had one hive tool or smoker you’ve pretty much had them all!! So my main advice to you is don’t buy actual beekeeping equipment but instead novelty items or other items relatable to a beekeeper. Hopefully, my list above can be a good place to start 🙂

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