Should You Buy Packaged Bees or Nucs? [COLD HARD FACTS!]

Should You Buy Packaged Bees or Nucs?

Considering beekeeping as a profession or a hobby but aren’t sure where to start? There are a few things you’re going to need to get prepared for this beekeeping journey and one of them is knowing whether you should start with packaged bees or a Nucleus Colony. Because a Nucleus Colony is already partially formed … Read more

Bees Aren’t Just Black and Yellow [SURPRISINGLY]

The different color of bees.

Bees are typically known as black and yellow or black and orange, depending on where you’re from in the world. Colorado, for example, generally has black and orange bees. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to say they’re yellow. However, did you know that bees aren’t always black and yellow or orange, … Read more

Can Bees Smell Fear? [BEE FACTS]

Bees do have a keen sense of smell and they communicate with one another through the use of pheromones. They can also detect intruders and threats accurately through their keen sense of smell, making it easy for them to communicate with the hive about threats and other things they have scented. People are commonly told … Read more

How To Make Organic Beeswax?[FULL GUIDE]

How To Make Organic Beeswax?

The abundance of different benefits that organic products can provide us is astonishing, and the same goes for beeswax. Consuming or using entirely organic products helps reduce public health risks by a ton. It massively reduces the number of harmful chemicals you’re exposed to and even decreases the effects it has on our planet. But, … Read more

Keeping Bees with Chickens: What You Need to Know

Keeping Bees with Chickens: What You Need to Know

For those wanting to improve their sustainable living, I’m sure you’ve thought about keeping both bees and chickens. Both of these magnificent creatures play a crucial role in our lives, and by keeping them ourselves, you can gain much more environmentally-friendly produce. But, before you undergo this sustainable change, do bees harm chickens? Bee stings … Read more

Freezing Honey: Everything You Need to Know

Freezing Honey: Everything You Need to Know

Honey has been used since Egyptian times, and it’s well-known for its sweet flavor and versatility. It’s a tremendous consumable, yet it’s still the main ingredient for various skin creams, foods, and medicines. The power this resource has is truly remarkable, but can you freeze honey? Honey can be frozen like various other resources. Although … Read more

How Honey Can Help You Relax [TOP TIPS]

How Honey Can Help You Relax

It’s not a myth that honey can provide us with some immense benefits, but can it help you relax? Many studies have been conducted about the effects this natural resource can offer us when consumed. To better understand how honey can help you relax, see the below: Honey can help you relax because it’s stacked … Read more

Clover Honey Vs Regular Honey: Are They the Same?

Clover Honey Vs Regular Honey: Are They the Same?

In the United States, there are 300 different types of honey, and each of them has a different appearance, flavor, texture, and fragrance. One popular type of honey is something called clover honey. It’s known for its sweet taste, flowery flavor, and superbly pleasant mild taste. But, what is the difference between clover and regular … Read more

This Is How to Dispose of Beeswax [THE RIGHT WAY!]

This Is How to Dispose of Beeswax

In some events, you may have some beeswax leftovers which aren’t needed. But is there a proper and improper way of disposing of them? Because it’s a natural resource, many people are unsure of the best way to dispose of beeswax for the planet. Here’s how to dispose of beeswax. There are a few ways … Read more

A Guide to Moving Bees Without Killing Them

A Guide to Moving Bees Without Killing Them

Bees are lovely little creatures, but sometimes they can be pests if they decide to build a colony in an unwanted area. Although we should encourage them to grow here, they must be moved for safety reasons and hygiene, etc. However, calling an exterminator is a definite no. So, how do you move bees without … Read more