Do Bees Fart? [BEE INFO 101]

Do bees fart?

As a beekeeper, there are many things you might wonder. After eating a big lunch, you may just ‘let one rip’ as you wander back to continue tending to your bees. Do bees have the same problem after snacking on a little too much pollen and do the same? You may wonder!! Do bees fart? … Read more

Can I Put Honey On My Face After Micro-needling?

Can I Put Honey On My Face After Microneedling?

When you think of honey, you know it is an excellent sweetener with many medicinal uses, but you would never think of using it on your skin and face. Or would you? Honey is a natural moisturizer that is antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Best of all, it helps with collagen formation, keeping you looking young … Read more

Can I Pack Honey in My Checked Luggage?

Can I Pack Honey in My Checked Luggage?

We all have daily routines, and traveling can interrupt these habits and leave us without our creature comforts. When traveling, is there something you can’t live without? Is honey a liquid? As a tea drinker or with a preference for natural sweeteners, you may want to take your favorite honey with you, but are you … Read more