Which Is Better: Radial Or Tangential Honey Extractor?

Automatic honey extractor collects honey by centrifuge. Summer honey harvest. Special apparatus for pumping honey.

Extracting honey from beehives can be a labor-intensive process and back-breaking work. Honey extractors or honey spinners can make this job much easier and more efficient for beekeepers. Which is the best honey extractor option, a radial or tangential honey extractor? Radial honey extractors are more efficient than tangential extractors. Radial extractors extract honey from … Read more

Treatment Free Beekeeping. What Is It? Is It A Good Idea?

A man holding up a frame from a beehive. He is dressed in a beekeeping suit.

Treatment-free beekeeping is a topic that frequently pops up among beekeepers, especially in our modern age, where people’s awareness of health issues and natural methods is heightened. What exactly is treatment-free beekeeping, and is this something you should aspire to in your beehives? Treatment-free beekeeping avoids chemical treatment of bees and beehives in response to … Read more

Beekeeping Insurance. Is It A Thing? Do I Need It?

A real estate agent with a House model is talking to clients about buying home insurance. Home insurance concept..

As beekeeping becomes increasingly popular, the question of beekeeping insurance is asked more frequently. Is beekeeping insurance a thing, and do you need it? What does beekeeping insurance typically cover? Beekeeping insurance is necessary for a commercial beekeeper, but there are some grey areas for hobbyists. General liability insurance should be considered as a hobbyist … Read more

Is Beekeeping As A Hobby Time Intensive?

A shot of a man from above tending to his beehive with a smoker placed to the side.

If you are contemplating beekeeping as a hobby, one of the questions you may have is the time commitment required. Bees are not as high maintenance as some other livestock, but they require more work and time than you may expect. Beekeeping is not a set-and-forget operation till you harvest honey. Beekeeping is not a … Read more

Can I Start Beekeeping In The Summer?

Master bee keeper pulls out a frame with honey from the beehive in the colony.

Beekeeping is an interesting and rewarding activity, but the time of year you start beekeeping is crucial for your success. Is the productive summer season a good time of year to start beekeeping and get your first hive? You can start beekeeping in the summer if you start with a strong colony and your summers … Read more

Methods For Keeping Bees Away From Hummingbird Feeders!

a hummingbird on a red feeder in a garden scene.

Many people enjoy attracting birds to their gardens, including hummingbirds. Unfortunately, hummingbirds are not the only critters that are attracted to hummingbird feeders. How do you keep bees away from these feeders and encourage the hummingbirds only? Keeping bees away from hummingbird feeders requires using feeders where the bees can’t reach the nectar, a feeder … Read more