What Are The Best Active Beekeeping Youtube Channels?

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Social media can be a valuable resource for almost any activity you can think of, including beekeeping. As with any internet source, there is a mixed bag of good, bad, and mediocre beekeeping channels on YouTube.

Beekeeping channels on YouTube can be a valuable resource for beekeepers at all levels, from the novice to the experienced apiarist. There is always some new aspect to learn that can make beekeeping easier, more efficient, safer, and better for your bees. But be selective with your channel choice.

We have selected some of our favorite beekeeping channels that we have found to be the most useful and valuable information for beekeepers. Some are for newcomers to beekeeping, while others have excellent content for beekeepers of all experience levels.

Why Are Beekeeping Videos Useful?

If there is one thing we can categorically state about beekeeping, it is that you never stop learning. There is always something new to learn from your bees or other beekeepers who have found different ways of doing things.

The internet has made knowledge more accessible than ever before, and YouTube, in particular, is a favorite resource.

Written content is useful, but a visual representation often brings more clarity to a topic than the written word alone.

An advantage of YouTube beekeeping video channels is that you can start beekeeping with a single hive and get valuable startup advice; even if you do not have a local mentor or experienced beekeeper, you can call for assistance.

Can You Learn Beekeeping From Online Videos?

It is conceivable that you can learn beekeeping from scratch with no prior experience by watching beekeeping videos online.

You can also learn some dangerous beekeeping practices, illegal practices, and bad habits if you are not selective about which channels you follow for your information.

While there is no harm in watching a range of beekeeping channels, always do your due diligence on a channel where you will be implementing the displayed beekeeping practices.

Remember, anyone can start a channel on YouTube and post videos, and the person whose channel you are watching may be a complete newbie like yourself. This situation can lead to trouble with your bees if the wrong advice is followed.

Some characteristics of YouTube beekeeping channels you should take note of are as follows

  • Channel age. How long has the channel been going? While this is not always an indicator, a channel with some history is more easily verified. Some new channels can have brilliant information, but you should view the advice with caution until the validity can be verified.
  • Experience of the presenter. It is sometimes entertaining to watch the journey of a new beekeeper on YouTube, but should you be following their advice? Rather use tips and tricks from experienced beekeepers on YouTube Channels.
  • Beekeeping region. Not all beekeeping practices work in all locations. Differences in weather and climate patterns, types of forage available, and the species of bees all result in significant regional differences. Following a channel where beekeeping is done in similar conditions to yours will offer the best advice for your beekeeping.

Some beekeeping channels are presented by qualified Master Beekeepers, indicating that the presenter offers sound advice and recommendations. However, some unqualified but experienced beekeepers’ advice is equally valuable.

To guide you through this conundrum, we have listed the active beekeeping channels we found most beneficial over the years.

Best YouTube Beekeeping Channels

We have included a range of beekeeping channels that offer advice to beekeepers of all levels and some that cover particular aspects of beekeeping that we have found useful.

1. Honey Bees Online – David Burns

David Burns is one of my go-to Youtube channels for all things beekeeping! He is based in Illinois, where he began beekeeping as a hobby and turned it into a full-time business. David and his wife Sheri, also a beekeeper, are partners in the Honeybees online business, but David is the presenter of all the videos on the YouTube channel.

David Burns is an EAS-certified Master Beekeeper, but his tips and recommendations are practical and sound. From starting out beekeeping to feeding bees in winter, queen marking, harvesting, you name it; it has been covered in a video.

David Burns also expanded his business to include offering beekeeping supplies to beekeepers. You can also join his beekeeping school and mentorship program, where he will give you one-on-one advice on beekeeping issues.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@beek/videos 

2. Jeff Horchoff Bees

Mr. Ed is the presenter on this beekeeping channel and is the official beekeeper for a Benedictine monastery, St Joseph Abbey, in southeast Louisiana.

While this channel has some information relevant to beginner beekeepers, much of the content is dedicated to bee removals from various difficult situations.

Mr. Ed is not only a beekeeper but a bee removal expert, and some of his methods and ingenuity can be useful for beekeepers that perform bee removals in their area.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JeffHorchoff/videos 

3. Frederick Dunn

Frederick Dunn is a Cornell University Certified Master Beekeeper, and his channel focuses on educating beekeepers across a wide range of beekeeping topics.

The majority of the videos are in a question-and-answer format where viewers of the channel submit questions on Frederick’s website, and he answers the questions in the videos.

The advantage of this format is you can submit your specific questions and receive an answer from a professional beekeeper.

The main downside of the channel is that the videos can be quite long. Most Q-and-A videos here are about an hour long, but you can learn valuable information.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FrederickDunnPhoto/videos 

4. The Bush Bee Man

If you are looking for a little tongue-in-cheek humor while you watch beekeeping videos, then you will enjoy The Bush Bee Man. Mark is the host of this channel, and he is an Australian beekeeper with decades of beekeeping experience.

The type of content you can expect to encounter on this channel are various aspects of beekeeping, bee removals, hive inspections, innovative techniques using unusual beekeeping equipment, hive and frame building, and honey harvesting methods.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0xzN4rrvqvNdZRGFPn-rg/videos 

5. Bob Binnie

Bob Binnie is co-owner of Blue Ridge Honney Company with his wife, Suzette. Their beekeeping operation is in Lakemont, Georgia, where they have 2000-plus colonies.

After 40 years of experience, Bob has valuable information and experiences to share on how to run a fully-fledged commercial beekeeping operation.

The videos on Bob Binnie’s channel range from equipment needed to handle bees and harvesting on a large scale to techniques and tips for managing pests in the hive.

Several videos are included on the various products that come out of a beekeeping operation and ways it includes them as income generators for your beekeeping business.

Some of the techniques and equipment used may be beyond the scope of hobbyist beekeeping, but it has interest value for all beekeepers. Beekeepers aspiring to make a business from their beekeeping operation will definitely benefit from this content.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@bobbinnie9872/videos 


The internet is a valuable online resource for all beekeepers, but it pays to check the information before implementing any recommendations on your own apiary site. Ensure the channel owner is reputable and has significant experience on the topic.

Beekeeping channels can be a good way to learn the hobby, but local mentorship with a beekeeper from your region is the best way to get hands-on experience in a hive.








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