Health Benefits of Honey for Men [Honey 101]

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What does honey really mean for men? Is it good or bad for their health? Let’s take a look at some facts about honey and its benefits for men. You may be surprised about the different ways honey can benefit you as a man!

Before we start, I would like to point out I would recommend you buy raw honey from your local beekeeper where possible. This will give you the most health benefits, as raw honey hasn’t been processed or sterilized in any way (something that can take valuable nutrients out of honey).

1. Honey as a Fuel

Honey can act as a great fuel for a man’s body, much better than traditional sugar or pure glucose. Whether it be for a pre-work out energy boost or to fuel up during a long hike, honey would be a great option.

Nutr Metab (Lond) carried out a study in 2012 and concluded that honey appears to be a suitable and much cheaper energy replenishment fuel than most commercially made supplements and drinks. They noted ‘The physiological actions of NH (natural honey) observed during this performance were a significant increase in heart frequency and a fairly constant blood glucose level’ and concluded natural honey as a better energy replacement tool than glucose.

So before you go out and splash the cash on some pre-exercise sports drinks, try a homemade honey alternative. Many people swear by simply mixing the water in your pre-workout water bottle with honey and a pinch of salt. The honey will give you energy, the salt with prevent muscle cramps and the water will keep you hydrated! simple!

2. Honey for Sex Drive

Honey has played a big part in history as an aphrodisiac. The ancient Greeks have been known to mix it with pepper and use as such. Even the use of the word honeymoon stems from the sexual drive gained from honey, in this case a honey mead drunk by newly weds to enhance sexual appetite and performance.

But why is honey considered an aphrodisiac? Well, there are many reasons but one of them is because honey contains boron, which is known to potentially help with our hormone levels, the natural way our body gets its sexual drive and performance. 

Honey also has nitric oxide in it, which can help with the blood flow and, therefore, potential erections in the male penis.

With the combination of these two benefits, you can see why honey could help the male sex drive and sexual performance.

3. Honey for Heart Health and Strokes

Studies have started to link the likelihood of antioxidants found in honey helping with your cholesterol level and thus heart health. Even if it just helps reduce a man’s risk of heart disease slightly, it is still worth it in my book! Hopefully, with some larger scale research studies in the future, this link will get stronger.

The same study that linked honey with a reduced risk of heart disease above also noted that honey had helped lower cholesterol. This also plays a part in helping reduce heart disease, as well as reducing the risk of stroke. Strokes destroy or greatly impair men’s lives every day, so this is another benefit of honey that should be celebrated!

4. Honey for Gut Health

Simply put, honey is known to be full of good bacteria and prebiotics, that will work wonders for your gut health. Some important elements from honey are absorbed into our dietary tracts, making it build a reputation as a gastroprotective agent. So be good to your gut and make sure to take in some honey!

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