Can I Put Honey On My Lashes? – You May be Surprised!

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So you want to amp up the glam of your lashes, but you’re not quite sure how? Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can do just that. One way you may have heard of involves honey, but can you put honey on your eyelashes in the first place? Let’s find out together….

The short answer is YES, honey can be applied to your eyelashes and, when done right, can have a great effect on the length and volume of said eyelashes!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this ingredient has been used for centuries to add length and volume to our hair and luscious lips as well. In fact, natural honey has been proven to improve skin condition by increasing the production of collagen in our bodies — which means that it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well.

But its effects on our eyes are arguably the most important aspect! Even if you don’t believe us yet, keep reading because we have plenty more tips on why adding honey to your lashes is an absolute must-do…

Why Would You Put Honey on your Eyelashes?

Honey, a sweet and sticky substance we all know and love, is a great option when it comes to increasing the length of your eyelashes and the hair growth itself. It works in two ways….

1. Attracting Moisture

The first way that honey will lengthen your eyelashes is by attracting moisture to the root of each hair follicle. Honey is a natural humectant and works to draw moisture from the air into your skin. This means that it will moisturize your eyelash follicles and help them grow longer, thicker, and more voluminous.

2. Stand to Attention!

The second way that honey will lengthen your eyelashes is by making the hairs stand up straighter and thicker than they normally would, giving a longer and fuller look. The hair strands of the typical eyelash is light enough for most honey to have this effect! So if you want your eyelashes to stand to attention and look longer and thicker in the process, you should try honey.

Honey VS Mascara on Eyelashes

Many of you may be yelling at the screen, “Why mess around with honey on your eyelashes, just use mascara!!!” and I can totally understand this. However, honey has one major advantage over mascara. With mascara, you are just applying something to coat the eyelash to give it a long and thick appearance, whereas honey is actually doing this by nourishing the eyelash hair itself.

If you use raw honey, this is a much more natural substance than the factory produced mascaras, some of which may have undesirable ingredients such as black carbon. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, this is a great way to do it.

Of course, the big advantage of mascara is that it has added color that will make your eyelashes look darker and blacker! 

Any Other Benefits of Putting Honey on my Eyelashes?

Believe it or not, honey has other benefits for your eyelashes as well! It’s naturally antibacterial in nature, which prevents bacteria buildup on your lashes which could help protect against eye infections like conjunctivitis or styes. Some people have also said it has helped them get relief from blepheritis, an uncomfortable inflammation that can happen at the edges of your eyelids.

What Type of Honey is Good for Eyelashes?

The type of honey you should use is a golden-colored raw honey. This type of honey is associated with more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than the types that are filtered through wax or heat. It’s also less processed and can be found in organic form more frequently than other types of honey because it is usually straight from the apiary rather than straight from a factory processing unit!! 

Many people swear by Manuka honey for use on eyelashes, so this could be the first variety to look at!

Any Downsides of Putting Honey on Eyelashes?

We have talked a lot about the upside to putting honey on your eyelashes, but are there any downsides? Well, although honey has a lot of well-documented health benefits, it can be an irritant if you get it in your eyes. But that’s not a big deal. You can just wash off any excess with water or saline solution to avoid getting any stings or redness in your eyes. 

How Should I Apply Honey to My Eyelashes?

So you now know all about the benefits a honey treatment can have on your eyelashes, but now you are thinking how you can physically apply it there! Good question!!

It’s actually pretty simple. First, wash your eyelashes with soap and warm water, then use a Q-Tip (otherwise known as a cotton bud in other parts of the world) to gently apply the honey to your lashes. Most people like to do this with a closed eyelid, making sure to apply evenly to both the upper eyelids and lower eyelids. Although I would encourage you to play around with your technique with this and find what works best for you!

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