Beeswax: Does It Clog Pores? We Find Out!

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Nowadays, people are more concerned about what they put on their bodies as they would rather go for natural and organic products instead of using chemical-based products. This is true for those who want to use natural products for beauty purposes and that is where beeswax comes in as one of the more popular organic ingredients found in a lot of beauty products nowadays. But some people believe that this product can do more harm than good for your skin, because some say that it can clog your pores. So, does beeswax really clog pores?

Beeswax will not clog your pores because it is an all-natural ingredient that ranks very high in terms of how safe it is for your skin. The only reason it can cause acne in some people is that they are not using it right or because they are still adjusting to an entirely new substance on their skin.

As natural of an ingredient as it is, Beeswax is an entirely safe ingredient that will not harm your skin in any way. While some people have different skin types, beeswax is an ingredient that is usually as safe as possible for your skin and will not cause acne. So, in that regard, let us get to know more about what beeswax is and what it does to your skin.

Does beeswax clog pores?

A lot of people have been using ingredients that are all-natural, especially when it comes to their skin. That’s because, in recent years, it has been seen that components that are synthetic or chemical-based can easily harm or irritate a person’s skin and can even cause acne breakouts even if their primary purpose was to prevent acne. In that regard, more and more people have been using skincare products that are organic, vegan, or all-natural because it has been shown that natural ingredients are safer for the skin.

One of the more popular ingredients that you can see in a lot of skincare products nowadays is beeswax. Yes, as you might have expected, this substance’s name isn’t just something that is made up because it really is a substance that comes from bees. That is why it is even called beeswax in the first place.

Beeswax is actually a byproduct of the honeycombs made by the bees themselves when they consume honey. In fact, beeswax isn’t something new because humans have been using it for as long as we have existed. History shows that we have been using beeswax since the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, as it was used mainly for embalming or for preserving the mummified bodies of the pharaohs in the ancient tombs. Papyrus scrolls, as old as they are, were also preserved using beeswax. In that sense, you could really see how beeswax is excellent at stopping the aging process that naturally happens to anything organic because it can help preserve mummies and keep papyrus from turning into dust over time.

So, in that regard, beeswax has seen a jump in usage today as more and more people are now witnessing its effects on the skin and how it can be a good way of taking care of their skin without the use of anything artificial or organic.

However, there are some people that actually believe that beeswax can do more harm than good on their skin precisely because of how they think it can cause breakouts when the wax itself clogs the pores on the skin. So, how true is this? Does beeswax really clog the pores on your skin?

First of all, some people believe that beeswax can cause acne breakouts when they clog the pores because it is an oil-based natural ingredient. As you might have already known, oily skin usually leads to clogged pores because of the lipid’s thick consistency on your face. And the oilier a person’s face is, the more prone he or she is to acne breakouts.

But what you need to know about beeswax is that, even if it is something that is oil-based, it is entirely safe for your skin and will not harm it in any way except for certain exceptions that we will talk about later. When used the right way, this organic and all-natural ingredient will not cause acne breakouts because it will not even clog your pores in the first place.

The only reason some people have been experiencing acne breakouts is that their skin is still adjusting to something new such as beeswax. Moreover, they might also be using beeswax in conjunction with other products that may actually be causing harm to the skin. But, as long as you are using it right, beeswax will not harm your skin or even clog your pores in any way because it is entirely natural and safe.

Why doesn’t beeswax clog pores?

As we have mentioned, beeswax will not clog your pores and not cause acne breakouts. In fact, it will not harm your skin in any way because of the very fact that it has always been safe to use for most skin types. But who doesn’t beeswax clog your pores if it is something that is oil or wax-based?

Let us look at our pores first. The pores are tiny holes in the skin, and they release oil and sweat. When they get clogged, what happens is that the dirt that builds up in the pores themselves will eventually start to cause skin infections in the form of acne and blackheads. And, most of the time, the substances that tend to block the pores are dirt and oil.

So, going back to beeswax, it might be true that it is a substance that is oil-based, but that doesn’t mean that it will block your pores in the same way as your skin’s natural oil does. That’s because beeswax ranks pretty low in the comedogenic ratings, which ranks certain ingredients from 0 to 5 based on how likely they are to clog the pores. Anything that is closer to 0 has a low chance of clogging the pores, while anything closer to 5 will most likely clog your pores.

Science has shown that beeswax, even though it is oil-based, ranks somewhere between 0 and 2 in the comedogenic rating. As such, you can expect it to be a product that will not likely clog your pores as long as you are using it properly and you are not using it in conjunction with other products that can actually clog your pores.

Is beeswax terrible for acne-prone skin?

Now that we know that beeswax is not a harmful product that can clog your pores and cause acne, is it safe to use for people who are prone to acne?

Yes, beeswax is still safe for people who naturally have acne-prone skin. The reason is that beeswax comes with a lot of different natural ingredients that are proven to be helpful when it comes to treating acne-prone skin. One of those ingredients is vitamin A, which is proven to be a vitamin that helps restores and rejuvenates the skin.

Of course, what you also need to know about beeswax is that it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In layman’s terms, it has the ability actually to reduce inflammation on your skin. And in case you didn’t know, acne happens when the skin is inflamed due to how the dirt that built up in the pores infected or irritated the skin.

So, in that regard, the anti-inflammatory properties that beeswax has can help reduce the inflammation on a person’s acne-prone skin to help heal the skin from acne breakouts and prevent acne in the future as well.

Is beeswax OK for the face?

No, beeswax isn’t OK for the face because it is actually GREAT for the face. Yes, that’s right. Beeswax is a natural ingredient that has a lot of different benefits for your face, such that it can help keep you young-looking and acne-free in the long run. Here are some of the various benefits that beeswax has on your face:

  1. Heals the skin

Using beeswax forms a protective barrier that allows the skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally while also decreasing the aging effects that time naturally has on the skin. That is why beeswax was often used on mummified corpses and papyrus as a way of preserving them to the point that they were able to last for thousands of years.

  1. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

Beeswax is excellent at moisturizing and hydrating the skin for an extended period of time. That is precisely the reason why plenty of different natural products meant for hydrating the skin or for moisturizing chapped lips are made from beeswax. This means that you will prevent the likelihood of your face looking dull and dry when you are using beeswax regularly.

  1. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties

As we have mentioned, beeswax comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling caused by acne on your face. Moreover, because of how it comes with vitamin A and other ingredients that help rejuvenate and heal your face, you can expect it to not only reduce the inflammation caused by acne but also allow the face to recover from the marks left by acne.


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