How Honey Can Help You Relax [TOP TIPS]

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It’s not a myth that honey can provide us with some immense benefits, but can it help you relax? Many studies have been conducted about the effects this natural resource can offer us when consumed. To better understand how honey can help you relax, see the below:

Honey can help you relax because it’s stacked with anxiolytic properties, which means it contains certain antioxidant flavonoids that are named chrysin and gallic acid. Each of these is well-known to reduce anxiety and therefore provide a relaxed state.

After reading the above, you can start to understand how honey can help you relax. Honey is filled with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and a ton more crucial vitamins to help you feel calm. The topic of honey and relaxation is an exciting one and something more than worth becoming knowledgeable in. If you want to know how honey can help you relax, I suggest you read the below:

Does honey help you relax?

Yes, honey does make you feel relaxed for several reasons. After reading the above, you should now understand that the resource is filled with antioxidant flavonoids which are commonly found in anxiety medication. Because of this, it can help aid the feeling of relaxation.

Needless to say, this is only one of the reasons which honey can make you feel relaxed. Relaxation isn’t just in the form of antioxidant flavonoids, and the other benefits it can offer can also help aid this sensation. Want to know how honey can help you relax? Check out the following:  

How honey helps you relax

As mentioned, honey can make you feel highly relaxed for numerous reasons. Because of this, it’s hard to pinpoint a single relaxation benefit that this remarkable natural resource can provide. To obtain a better visualization of this, please read the below:

1.Restocks glycogen

Can we all agree that the most relaxed and peaceful time is after a night of deep sleep? There’s nothing more relaxing than either taking a good nap or sleeping the entire night without waking. It makes you feel refreshed, ready for the day, and most importantly, relaxed.

But a big problem that most people encounter is that they become starving during the night. A lot of the time, you’re not hungry, and you’re waking up for practically no reason. Your body is indicating to you that you’re experiencing low glycogen levels in your liver.

Something that honey can provide you is, of course, glycogen. By re-fuelling your livers with this valuable polysaccharide, you’ll hugely reduce the chances of waking up during sleep due to feeling hungry.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or unrelaxed because you’re not getting enough deep sleep, honey may be able to fix that. Primarily this only targets people with low glycogen issues during the night. But there are more ways in which this food source can help you relax. See the below:

2.Helps release melatonin  

Including the above, it can also support the release of melatonin. For those that don’t know, melatonin is a hormone in your body that helps you recover. If you feel fatigued every day or don’t have the energy to undergo everyday tasks? Then a lack of melatonin being released in your body could be the reasoning behind this.

The way honey increases melatonin release after being consumed starts from the insulin spike because of the natural sugar found in this resource. When you receive the insulin spike from the sugar, your body starts to release tryptophan. The tryptophan then transforms itself into serotonin (otherwise known as the happy hormone) and is finally converted into melatonin to help recovery.

Would you believe that even just a small teaspoon of sugar can help your body produce this process? It’s remarkable and undoubtedly something that everyone should consider taking before they go to bed.  

3.Enhances production levels

Not being relaxed can come from an array of different factors. A primary factor that makes all of us not relax is poor production levels. At the end of the day, stress and not being relaxed come from not doing things that we can control. For example, let’s say you should have studied six hours on a Thursday, but you were unproductive and only studied for two. It can cause you to become unrelaxed and stressed.

However, another remarkable benefit that honey can provide you is enhanced levels of production. Although it can help you sleep and release hormones that make you feel relaxed, it can also increase your production levels. This is superb and a much healthier and risk-averse way of giving yourself an energy boost.

The best way to improve your production levels is to mix honey with water. The solution has high glucose content, which the brain and blood can easily absorb. This helps wake the body and can provide you with that much-needed push to become more productive.

4.Lowers anxiety and nerves

As you can see, honey can provide you an astronomical amount of benefits that can help relax you. However, it can also help lower your anxiety and nerves. Many people around the globe struggle with anxiety and nerves in different ways; This could be meeting new people, undergoing a particular sport, or various day-to-day activities. Whatever it may be when you become anxious and nervous, it isn’t pleasant, and you’ll want to minimize this at all times.

Luckily for you, honey can reduce both the occurrence of anxiety and nerves. However, you’ll need a more considerable amount of honey than just a tiny teaspoon. To feel the advantages of reduced anxiety and nerves from honey, you’ll want to include a large amount in a meal. A good time to have this is at the start of the day with breakfast like porridge.

5.Decreases blood pressure

According to Mayo Clinic, someone who experiences high blood pressure can have increased levels of stress. When you become stressed, your blood pressure rises. Therefore, already having high blood pressure can rapidly encourage your body to become unrelaxed and stressed more often than not.

As we’re now aware, honey is filled with antioxidant compounds. These compounds can significantly lower blood pressure, which reduces the chances of any heart complications. Even a small dose of honey (around a teaspoon) is enough for you to start receiving these benefits.

After reading the above, I’m sure you can understand the sheer number of benefits that honey can provide you in terms of relaxation. In all honesty, it’s immense and something everyone should consider having within their diet. Whether you just consume a teaspoon of honey each night or add it to your meals, either way, it can provide you with the above advantages.

Does a spoonful of honey help you sleep?

Including the above, it’s important to understand what certain doses of honey will do to your body. Although many people believe you need a large amount of this resource to start reeking in the benefits, they couldn’t be any further wrong. With honey, a single spoonful on a daily occurrence can provide you a whole range of benefits. But will a spoonful of honey help you sleep?

You’ll be happy to know that a spoonful of honey before you go to bed each day can help you with sleep. Honey provides glycogen to the liver, meaning you won’t wake up from hunger.

Consuming honey when you sleep makes your brain go into a fuel searching mode. This means that the brain has a spike of activity due to your insulin levels. Afterward, this insulin is converted to serotonin and then tryptophan, making you feel delighted and relaxed.

As a result of this process, a hormone called melatonin is also released, and this can help your body recover while you sleep.

What else will a spoonful of honey help?

If you haven’t concluded this yet, honey can offer an astounding number of benefits considering how widely available it is. Although a teaspoon of honey before bed can help you sleep better, you’ll be surprised that you won’t only receive those singular benefits. You’ll also obtain the below:

Weight loss

Another highly excellent benefit that honey can provide our bodies is the ability to burn fat faster. When you consume honey, it increases your metabolism, which starts causing a thermogenic effect on your body. During this process, it enhances the circulation of blood and airflow. This can increase your body temperature by a small amount, but it’ll help you burn fat more effortlessly.

Of course, you can’t expect to eat honey and lose weight overnight. However, what you can expect is to consume honey and lose weight easier when performing fitness. This is because the more you exercise, the more you can strengthen your metabolic system, which can increase how good it works to reduce weight.

From bettering your sleep to weight loss. Honey truly has some immense benefits, including the below also:

Improved health

Honey could also make you feel healthier by enhancing your entire body’s organs. You may or may not be aware, but honey is actually used in many medicines because of its healing capabilities. For example, you can either by honey soothing tablets for your throat or consume a teaspoon of honey. Either way can provide you with a much less sore throat.

Including the throat soothing benefits, you’ll also encounter the following by consuming a spoonful of honey:

  • Reduce the effects of plaque appearing on your teeth
  • Help minimizes the effects of allergies
  • Increase your immune system to prevent you from becoming sick
  • It can help both children and adults with acid reflux

Honey tastes great, can provide you with excellent benefits, but how much should you consume. It’s evident that honey is exceptionally high in sugar. Because of this, a spoonful a night is okay. However, you may want to consult a doctor first if you suffer from health issues like diabetes. The sugar contents in honey can be damaging if you don’t consume it in suitable amounts.

Less hungry

Additionally to the above, it can also make you feel less hungry. Being less hungry throughout the day can offer you an array of different benefits. First of all, you won’t feel discomfort, as your body will be happy with the amount of food stored within it. Secondly, it will reduce the number of times you snack during the day. If you’re like me, snacking can be a big issue. Snacking on the right food isn’t, but the lack of preparation for eating something unhealthy is much more appealing.

The way honey makes you feel less hungry is because it increases the glycogen levels in your liver. Your liver is where carbohydrates turn into an energy form like glucose. This is the primary energy source for our cells and keeping this topped up is essential for maintaining energy levels and minimizing fatigue.

Because honey can offer your liver an outstanding amount of glycogen, you have to eat less to fuel your body. As a result of this, you become less hungry, fuller, and have increased energy levels.

As you can see, honey can help you in many more ways than just improving your sleep and making you feel relaxed. This natural resource is potent and something everyone can gain immense benefits from.

Final words

After reading the above, you should see the excellent relationship that honey has with our bodies. It’s a genuinely great natural food source, which is used in an array of different medicines, sports food, and various remedies. It’s astonishing and something I believe everyone should include within their diet.

Talking about diet, before you start consuming honey, be assured you don’t have any sugar-related health issues. Honey is extremely high in natural sugar. Although it’s healthy to consume this in small amounts, not everyone is built the same. If you believe you suffer from such health diseases as diabetes, you may want to consult a health specialist or doctor before deciding you’re going to consume a spoonful of honey each night.

So, now you understand the benefits honey can provide, will you be implementing this into your diet?

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