Can I Put Honey in My Shisha? Is It a Good Or Bad Idea?

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Honey is an ancient ingredient that is naturally sweeter than sugar and adds moisture to whatever you are adding it to. It can be used for various medicinal purposes. It is a high carbohydrate additive that is also good for your digestive system. Shisha is a wet, sticky tobacco commonly mixed with molasses and fruit. The molasses is used as a sweetener, and the fruit is used for flavor. But can honey be used in your Shisha?

According to the people who make their own Shisha from tobacco leaves, honey is an excellent sweetener they use on a regular basis. It is a good idea to add honey to Shisha when it needs to be a little sweeter, and moister, especially when making it from scratch.

Putting honey into your Shisha may seem easy, but it is not as simple as it may appear. Keep reading to find out how it should be added to your Shisha and when you should do it.

When Is It A Good Idea To Add Honey To Your Shisha

If you are smoking high-quality Shisha, you may never need to add honey to sweeten your tobacco. If you are the type of smoker that enjoys making it from scratch, you will need to have some on hand because it is the best sweetener to use. Many people like to use molasses, but it is not as sweet and will give you a different flavor.

It is always a good idea to add honey when you need to make your Shisha sweeter, or moister. You need to understand, though, that it is possible to put too much into your tobacco, making it too hard to smoke through your Hookah. A good rule of thumb is never to add more than a teaspoon per bowl.

What Is The Process For Adding Honey To My Shisha

You will need to start with the leaves you can order online or buy at your local smoke shop. The best way to get it when you want to make your own Shisha is as a brick. It is commonly known as tombac, which has no flavoring or molasses and starts with a very light flavor.

When you add your honey to it, you must follow the proper steps to ensure that the natural ingredients are mixed together correctly. Let’s take a look.

  • Soak In Water – You will first need to soak the brick in water to add some hydration to it. Change the water every 30 minutes and only soak it long enough to get it to the moisture content you want. Otherwise, you will lose flavor and nicotine amounts if soaked too long.
  • Strip The Stems – If you have chosen to go with the leaves instead of the brick, you will need to break off all the stems and toss them out. Chop up the leaves into smaller pieces and move on.
  • Add The Honey – Now it is time to add the sweetener. Stick with a 3-to-1 formula. 3 parts Shisha and 1 part honey. Basically, you will need 100 grams of honey for 300 grams of tobacco.
  • Add The Flavoring – While mixing the honey into the leaves, you might as well add the flavor. Start slowly, adding a little at a time so you do not overdo it. After mixing, smell the tobacco to see if it is strong enough.
  • Wait 24 Hours – Unfortunately, you cannot smoke it right away. Let it sit for 24 hours before adding the Shisha into your pipe. It is best to cover it with foil in whatever container you use or place it in a Ziplock baggie with two zippers.

It is truly that simple to add honey to your fresh Shisha. If you want to get more technical about the recipe, you can bake the mixture of leaves and honey before adding any flavorings. It is a great way to ensure the honey soaks into the leaves. All you need to do is wrap the leaves in foil and bake on  “warm” for an hour. That’s it, now what until the next day and enjoy.

Can You Add Honey To Preflavored Shisha

Honey is not only good when you are mixing a batch from scratch, and it can be used for different aspects of the smoking process. It may not add a truly healthy ingredient because of the high sugar content, but it makes it sticky and moist. Let’s see what else honey can be used for.

  • Dry Tobacco – If you buy some dry Shisha or let it sit around too long, you have an option to smoke it harshly or create a moist mixture. Add some honey to it and knead it in. This gets it back to the consistency you need to smoke without burning your throat or lungs.
  • Add Some Sweet – If your mixture is a little bitter, you can add some honey to sweeten it up a little. The more you add, the sweeter it will be. But be careful not to add too much.

Honey is an excellent addition to your smoking pipe. Many people prefer to use it over molasses simply because it is a common household ingredient that you have around. Plus, it gives it texture and flavor. You will want to start adding in small amounts unless you are experienced enough to know how much to add into a small amount, just enough to make a decent bowl to smoke.

Final Thoughts on Honey And Shisha

Honey is such a common ingredient that you would naturally assume it would be an excellent addition to your Shisha, and you would be correct. It is a great way to bring your tobacco to life after sitting idle for a while. Plus, it is the perfect ingredient when mixing your own from scratch.

It is important to remember that Shisha is made without any chemicals. It is washed with water, and natural ingredients are added to give it flavor and moisture. Wide varieties of Shisha are made with honey from the start, so it makes sense to use honey at home whenever needed.

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