What Time Do Bees Get Up For Work?

What time do bees get up for work?

What time do you get up for work? Most relatively active humans are up and about by 9am and raring to go! And, of course, most humans probably want to roll up and go to sleep in the afternoon (whilst still pretending to their boss that they are still working!!) too. We know all about … Read more

How Beeswax Is Made [Amazing Nature!]

How bees make beeswax?

Besides being well known as the busiest creatures that ever existed, bees are also famous for producing the sweetest thing in human history. Well, that’s not the only thing they produce. Bees produce beeswax, another popular product in numerous industries. This might be yet another reason why bees are always so busy! Beeswax is made … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Harvest Your Honey?

What happens if you don't harvest your honey?

Most diligent beekeepers love to harvest the honey from their bees regularly. Maybe this is because they want to sell it and earn hard earned cash, or maybe they just want some home produced honey for their family and friends. But this is not the case for all beekeepers. Some of them may be in … Read more

Is Beekeeping A Lot Of Work [THE TRUTH]

How hard work is it being a beekeeper?

One of the fastest-growing hobbies or even actual jobs in the world is beekeeping, as more and more people are beginning to understand how important bees are to the world and how fulfilling and lucrative beekeeping can be. In that regard, if you wanted to go into beekeeping, you might be wondering how much work … Read more

Can Honey Make You Fat? [WE FIND OUT]

Can honey make you fat?

Honey has been used as food, and even medicine, since ancient times. This food substance offers numerous health benefits and works best as a sugar substitute. However, some people are concerned about its other effects on the body. Can honey make you fat? Honey can make you fat if you consume too much of it. … Read more

A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper! What’s the Deal?

Day in the life of a beekeeper.

You probably already know how important bees are to our daily lives. No, it’s not because they produce honey (only honey bees produce honey) but it is also because of how they are important to the ecosystem since they are the best pollinators in the world. Still, you probably wouldn’t want to be in the … Read more

How to Know When to Remove Entrance Reducer [BEEKEEPER 101]

When to remove an entrance reducer from a beehive.

Any beekeepers recognize the importance of installing a beehive entrance reducer, especially during the winter months. It provides lots of significant uses – from preventing pest infestation and rodent attacks to maintaining beehive thermoregulation (i.e. temperature :)). But how would you know it is time to remove the entrance reducer and allow the bees to … Read more

Honey Varietals: The Spice in Your Honey Life!!

Honey varietals.

As a sweetener and cooking ingredient, honey from various sources varies in taste. Its flavor profile is largely determined by the nectar collected by honeybees and can be influenced by what the bees have been collecting in other areas. Varietal refers to this notion of place-based difference with respect to honey. Varietal is a word … Read more