Can You Use Beeswax on Leather?

Can You Use Beeswax on Leather?

Choosing the right product to maintain your leather garments is essential. Leather is quite a unique material in terms of how you should properly care for it. Therefore, many leather enthusiasts have tried and tested various protection methods to increase its longevity. But that leads to one crucial question, can you use beeswax on leather? … Read more

Cats and Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Cats and Beeswax: What You Need To Know

If you have cats as pets in your home or apartment, there’s a good chance you have some unpleasant smells you want to mask. Beeswax products are some of the most common and popular natural scents favorable for indoor use. However, there are a few things you need to know before using beeswax around cats. … Read more

Dogs And Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Dogs And Beeswax: What You Need To Know

Plenty of different pet owners are now also using products that are all-natural and organic for their dogs. One such substance that these products are made of is beeswax, which is becoming quite popular not only for people but also for dogs because of how it is purely organic and natural. That said, do dogs … Read more

Decomposing Of Beeswax: Everything You Need To Know

Decomposing Of Beeswax: Everything You Need To Know

For centuries, civilizations in all parts of the world use beeswax for various reasons. It has remarkable properties, making it extremely versatile. One of its most notable characteristics is that it virtually never decomposes without the help of other substances. While it can be an advantage, beeswax is a hydrophobic substance, meaning it repels water, … Read more

Beeswax Candles Vs. Soy Candles: Which Is Better?

beeswax vs soy candles

More and more people are now using organic candles instead of relying on paraffin candles that are made from petroleum-based wax. In that regard, beeswax candles and soy candles have become quite popular over the last few years because they are regarded as much healthier compared to paraffin candles. But which is better between beeswax … Read more

What Makes Beeswax Turn Black? We’ve Got The Answer

What makes beeswax turn black?

Beeswax, a natural wax produced by honeybees, is naturally white. However, it is very rare to find pure white beeswax. The most common color variation of wax is yellow. Yellow beeswax is a combination of pure white beeswax, honey, and pollen. Sometimes, this wax may turn dark brown or black. What makes beeswax turn black? … Read more

2 Tips On Removing Mold From Beeswax [BEEKEEPING 101]

Tips to get rid of mold in beeswax.

Beeswax has been one of the oldest materials used by mankind as it even goes back thousands of years ago to the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs because of how useful and long-lasting beeswax is. However, just like almost anything that’s organic, beeswax can also get moldy if there is too much moisture in … Read more

How Beeswax Is Made [Amazing Nature!]

How bees make beeswax?

Besides being well known as the busiest creatures that ever existed, bees are also famous for producing the sweetest thing in human history. Well, that’s not the only thing they produce. Bees produce beeswax, another popular product in numerous industries. This might be yet another reason why bees are always so busy! Beeswax is made … Read more

Yellow Beeswax Vs White [WHICH IS BETTER?]

Whats the difference between yellow and white beeswax?

More and more people are now concerned with what they are putting on their bodies, that it has become common for them to use products that only have organic or natural ingredients. One of the most common ingredients you can find in plenty of skincare products is beeswax. However, there are two kinds of beeswax, … Read more

Beeswax: Does It Clog Pores? We Find Out!

Does beeswax clog your skin?

Nowadays, people are more concerned about what they put on their bodies as they would rather go for natural and organic products instead of using chemical-based products. This is true for those who want to use natural products for beauty purposes and that is where beeswax comes in as one of the more popular organic … Read more