A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper! What’s the Deal?

Day in the life of a beekeeper.

You probably already know how important bees are to our daily lives. No, it’s not because they produce honey (only honey bees produce honey) but it is also because of how they are important to the ecosystem since they are the best pollinators in the world. Still, you probably wouldn’t want to be in the … Read more

How to Know When to Remove Entrance Reducer [BEEKEEPER 101]

When to remove an entrance reducer from a beehive.

Any beekeepers recognize the importance of installing a beehive entrance reducer, especially during the winter months. It provides lots of significant uses – from preventing pest infestation and rodent attacks to maintaining beehive thermoregulation (i.e. temperature :)). But how would you know it is time to remove the entrance reducer and allow the bees to … Read more