How Long Do Guard Bees Live? (We’ve Got the Answer)

how long do guard bees live?

In a bees’ wonderful and exciting world, various different types have specific roles to ensure the hive has some stability. Without bees having roles, the production process will be a mess, and it’ll be much less efficient, causing pollination and honey processes to be much slower. However, something that’s always amazed me is guard bees. … Read more

8 Reasons Why Honey Bees Can Be Aggressive

8 Reasons Why Honey Bees Can Be Aggressive

Do you know that honey bees, calm as they appear, can be aggressive? Beekeepers know this too well. Honey bees are kept for honey, and other by-products such as wax. These little insects can be fierce, especially when provoked. They are also famous for inflicting painful stings. Do you know why honey bees can be … Read more

A Step By Step Guide To How Honey Is Made

A Step By Step Guide To How Honey Is Made

Honey is a sweet substance that starts as nectar in a flower. The process of how bees collect and produce honey in their beehives is extraordinary and vital for our ecosystems. For plants to reproduce, bees need to carry pollen from one plant to another. Bees are covered in 3 million hairs which are used … Read more

Products And Services That Honey Bees Provide Us With

Products And Services That Honey Bees Provide Us With

Bees are incredibly valuable to both humans and the environment in ways you could not imagine. You probably know a few things about honey bees. They go to the flowers and collect honey; they live in colonies and are responsible for protecting the queen bee. People are putting a great deal of great effort into saving these … Read more

What Honey Bees Look Like (With Pictures)

What Honey Bees Look Like.

Honey bees are wonderful and useful creatures. They are the most common species of bees and pollinating insects. Honey bees are very important because most of the food we consume relies on pollination. Their importance for agriculture and contribution to the economy is unsurpassed. Many people come across this species and do not know at … Read more

The Top Five Reasons Why Bees Are So Important

top 5 reasons why bees are important.

We have known bees as the first and primary producer of honey, but their role doesn’t just stop there. They are one of the key reasons why we have food on the table and stuff to use. Think about those vegetables and fruits you consume every day as well as crops like flax and cotton. … Read more

The Tale Of Why Bees Enjoy Lavender So Much!

Why do bees love lavender so much?

If you are only starting out as a beekeeper, one of the things that you might have heard or read about is to have lavender plants somewhere in close proximity so that your bees can forage from them. That’s because the belief is that bees love lavender. However, is there really any truth to that? … Read more

What Time Do Bees Get Up For Work?

What time do bees get up for work?

What time do you get up for work? Most relatively active humans are up and about by 9am and raring to go! And, of course, most humans probably want to roll up and go to sleep in the afternoon (whilst still pretending to their boss that they are still working!!) too. We know all about … Read more