Can Bees See at Night? [BEE FACTS]

do bees fly at night?

On a spring day, it’s not uncommon to see swarms of bees flying between flowers, getting the pollen that they need. But as the sun goes down, this sight isn’t as common. Is this just your imagination, or do bees have problems seeing at night? Most bee species won’t fly at night. They will lie … Read more

How do bees See? Can they see Color?

can bees see in color

Bees are attracted to beautiful flowers so they can feed on the flower’s nectar and take the pollen back to their baby bees (larva). Bees are attracted to flowers that host more pollen and nectar and because bees are important for pollination, flowers have adapted themselves over time to be more attractive for bees through … Read more

Bees Aren’t Just Black and Yellow [SURPRISINGLY]

The different color of bees.

Bees are typically known as black and yellow or black and orange, depending on where you’re from in the world. Ask any kid in school and this is what they will tell you 🙂 Colorado, for example, generally has black and orange bees. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to say they’re … Read more

Can Bees Smell Fear? [BEE FACTS]

Bees do have a keen sense of smell and they communicate with one another through the use of pheromones. They can also detect intruders and threats accurately through their keen sense of smell, making it easy for them to communicate with the hive about threats and other things they have scented. People are commonly told … Read more

A Guide to Moving Bees Without Killing Them

A Guide to Moving Bees Without Killing Them

Bees are lovely little creatures, but sometimes they can be pests if they decide to build a colony in an unwanted area. Although we should encourage them to grow here, they must be moved for safety reasons and hygiene, etc. However, calling an exterminator is a definite no. So, how do you move bees without … Read more

Do Queen Bee Stings Hurt More? (We Find Out)

Do queen bee stings hurt more?

Within the honeybee colony, the queen bee is the largest one of them all. With an average size of around 2cm, it’s about twice the size of your traditional worker bee. Because of their sheer size (compared to the rest), many people are wondering about this question, “do queen bee stings hurt more?” and here’s … Read more