Light vs Dark Honey: The Differences

Light vs dark honey. What's the difference?

Honey is an increasingly popular commodity nowadays because people are now becoming more health conscious. However, when you go to your local grocery store or farmer’s market, you may have noticed that the honey sold comes in different shades. There are the light ones and there are darker ones. So, what are the differences between … Read more

Do You Need To Sterilize Honey [or Can you Eat it Raw?]

Do you need to sanitize honey?

You’ve harvested your honey and are now wondering whether you can go ahead and use it. Honey is a magic food with tons of uses. In most cases, people use it for dressing marinades, salads, and other dishes. Others use it to replace table sugar as a healthier option. Honey in its raw form may … Read more

Can Honey Make You Fat? [WE FIND OUT]

Can honey make you fat?

Honey has been used as food, and even medicine, since ancient times. This food substance offers numerous health benefits and works best as a sugar substitute. However, some people are concerned about its other effects on the body. Can honey make you fat? Honey can make you fat if you consume too much of it. … Read more

Honey Varietals: The Spice in Your Honey Life!!

Honey varietals.

As a sweetener and cooking ingredient, honey from various sources varies in taste. Its flavor profile is largely determined by the nectar collected by honeybees and can be influenced by what the bees have been collecting in other areas. Varietal refers to this notion of place-based difference with respect to honey. Varietal is a word … Read more

Huajillo Honey. What is it and where is it from?

huajillo honey

There are many types of honey around, but one you might not have heard of isHuajillo honey. Today we want to change this. We will take a look at whatHuajillo honey is and where it comes from. We hope you enjoy the article! Before we start, I want to say that you will also find … Read more

Honey Tasting Party- Tips on Hosting, Organizing etc.

Best way to have a honey tasting party!

Passionate about honey? So are we! Something we’ve been hearing more and more about recently are honey tasting parties! Honey tasting parties are all the rage right now, and if you haven’t been invited to one yet, you soon will be. The idea is to bring together a group of friends and have them taste … Read more