What Makes Beeswax Turn Black? We’ve Got The Answer

What makes beeswax turn black?

Beeswax, a natural wax produced by honeybees, is naturally white. However, it is very rare to find pure white beeswax. The most common color variation of wax is yellow. Yellow beeswax is a combination of pure white beeswax, honey, and pollen. Sometimes, this wax may turn dark brown or black. What makes beeswax turn black? … Read more

Light vs Dark Honey: The Differences

Light vs dark honey. What's the difference?

Honey is an increasingly popular commodity nowadays because people are now becoming more health conscious. However, when you go to your local grocery store or farmer’s market, you may have noticed that the honey sold comes in different shades. There are the light ones and there are darker ones. So, what are the differences between … Read more

How To Clean Beeswax Out Of A Strainer?

How to clean beeswax from a strainer.

Being a beekeeper isn’t just all about honey because there are plenty of other products that can help you make money. Beeswax is one of them as selling beeswax products has become quite popular today thanks to how more and more people are seeing the importance of living an organic lifestyle. But the problem with … Read more

How To Use A Honey Sieve [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Best way to strain honey.

Regardless of whether you are a beekeeper as a hobby or as a full-time profession, I am sure that you love honey and get excited when you get to harvest your honey and see that liquid gold flow 🙂 However, alongside all that excitement you should do some key things when harvesting honey. One of … Read more

Do You Need To Sterilize Honey [or Can you Eat it Raw?]

Do you need to sanitize honey?

You’ve harvested your honey and are now wondering whether you can go ahead and use it. Honey is a magic food with tons of uses. In most cases, people use it for dressing marinades, salads, and other dishes. Others use it to replace table sugar as a healthier option. Honey in its raw form may … Read more

What Is The Official Name For Honey Bee Farming?

This is what bee/ honey farming is called.

Beekeeping is an increasingly popular endeavor, hobby, or even profession today because of how fulfilling it is to take care of the world’s most amazing insects (in my opinion anyway!). But while we often refer to this profession as “beekeeping”, not all of us are aware of what beekeeping is officially called. So, what is … Read more

2 Tips On Removing Mold From Beeswax [BEEKEEPING 101]

Tips to get rid of mold in beeswax.

Beeswax has been one of the oldest materials used by mankind as it even goes back thousands of years ago to the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs because of how useful and long-lasting beeswax is. However, just like almost anything that’s organic, beeswax can also get moldy if there is too much moisture in … Read more