A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper! What’s the Deal?

Day in the life of a beekeeper.

You probably already know how important bees are to our daily lives. No, it’s not because they produce honey (only honey bees produce honey) but it is also because of how they are important to the ecosystem since they are the best pollinators in the world. Still, you probably wouldn’t want to be in the … Read more

How to Know When to Remove Entrance Reducer [BEEKEEPER 101]

When to remove an entrance reducer from a beehive.

Any beekeepers recognize the importance of installing a beehive entrance reducer, especially during the winter months. It provides lots of significant uses – from preventing pest infestation and rodent attacks to maintaining beehive thermoregulation (i.e. temperature :)). But how would you know it is time to remove the entrance reducer and allow the bees to … Read more

Honey Varietals: The Spice in Your Honey Life!!

Honey varietals.

As a sweetener and cooking ingredient, honey from various sources varies in taste. Its flavor profile is largely determined by the nectar collected by honeybees and can be influenced by what the bees have been collecting in other areas. Varietal refers to this notion of place-based difference with respect to honey. Varietal is a word … Read more

Huajillo Honey. What is it and where is it from?

huajillo honey

There are many types of honey around, but one you might not have heard of isHuajillo honey. Today we want to change this. We will take a look at whatHuajillo honey is and where it comes from. We hope you enjoy the article! Before we start, I want to say that you will also find … Read more

3 Bees That Have Stingers [+WHAT THEY’RE CALLED!]

3 bees that have stingers.

When we think about bees, wasps, and hornets, we often think about the possibility of them stinging us. And while plenty of other flying insects are capable of stinging, we usually equate stings with bees. However, did you know that not all bees actually sting? So, in that regard, which bees have stingers? Only female … Read more

This Is When Honey Bees Come Out

Honey bees are no doubt some of the most important insects in the entire ecosystem, and it’s not only because they produce honey. Nevertheless, we do love them for their ability to produce honey. But have you ever wondered what time of the day these bees are more active? When do honey bees come out? … Read more

Do Honey Bees Like Marigolds? [+FLOWERS BEES LIKE]

Are bees attracted to Marigolds?

Honey bees can prove to be a nuisance around your garden and can make it difficult for you to be in your garden. That’s why most people grow marigolds as a way to repel honeybees. However, growing marigolds isn’t one of the ways to deter honey bees. Honey Bees like marigold flowers because of the … Read more

Honey Tasting Party- Tips on Hosting, Organizing etc.

Best way to have a honey tasting party!

Passionate about honey? So are we! Something we’ve been hearing more and more about recently are honey tasting parties! Honey tasting parties are all the rage right now, and if you haven’t been invited to one yet, you soon will be. The idea is to bring together a group of friends and have them taste … Read more

Yellow Beeswax Vs White [WHICH IS BETTER?]

Whats the difference between yellow and white beeswax?

More and more people are now concerned with what they are putting on their bodies, that it has become common for them to use products that only have organic or natural ingredients. One of the most common ingredients you can find in plenty of skincare products is beeswax. However, there are two kinds of beeswax, … Read more