A Guide To Calming Down Bees Without Using Smoke

A Guide To Calming Down Bees Without Using Smoke

Beekeeping can be a lucrative and even relaxing endeavor for those who have gotten used to the life of a beekeeper. However, one of the things that even the most experienced beekeepers still fear is the stinging of dozens of angry bees that are just trying to defend their hive. So, while most beekeepers tend … Read more

How Often Do Beekeepers Get Stung? We Find Out

How Often Do Beekeepers Get Stung?

One of the things that gives honey bees a bad reputation among those who don’t know a lot about them is their stinger. Honey bees will sting when they are threatened, and that is exactly why a lot of people fear them. So, in a beekeeper’s case, he or she obviously works closely with bees … Read more

A Guide To Cleaning Your Honey Extracting Equipment

cleaning honey extracting equipment.

Extracting your honey is part of what makes the entire beekeeping process complete because the honey is where you will be getting your profits from. But, at the same time, you also need to keep your honey extracting equipment clean enough for the next use. After all, you need your honey to be clean enough … Read more

How To Clean Beeswax Out Of A Strainer?

How to clean beeswax from a strainer.

Being a beekeeper isn’t just all about honey because there are plenty of other products that can help you make money. Beeswax is one of them as selling beeswax products has become quite popular today thanks to how more and more people are seeing the importance of living an organic lifestyle. But the problem with … Read more

How To Use A Honey Sieve [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Best way to strain honey.

Regardless of whether you are a beekeeper as a hobby or as a full-time profession, I am sure that you love honey and get excited when you get to harvest your honey and see that liquid gold flow 🙂 However, alongside all that excitement you should do some key things when harvesting honey. One of … Read more